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Wasps Control

Wasps such as- hornet, yellow jacket and paper wasps are the insects living in colonies. These are included in the order- Hymenoptera.

These are known for poisonous stings .An ordinary sting creates no serious problem. It can be treated with ammonia or alcohol or cold packs followed by anti histamine ointment. But the complicated sting can cause serious medical problem creating giddiness and nausea which need medical help immediately.

Generally Fertilized queen wasp emerges from winter hibernation in April and starts searching for suitable locations. The brood of eggs laid, take over the work of enlarging the nest and providing food for living. Egg laying process continues till summer period. The queen wasp lays eggs producing male and female and new queens.

On the arrival of cooler weather the worker wasps become sluggish and aggressive. They feed upon ripe fruits most of the worker wasps die due to very cold weather.


  1. Ordinary sting can be treated with ammonia or alcohol followed by an anti histamine ointment.
  2. If anyone feels giddiness and nausea due to sting, should take medical help.
  3. Garden area must be kept neat and clean.

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