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Termite Control

Our company provides effective and reliable termite control throughout Delhi & NCR especially Gurgaon (Gurugram) Building crops or gardens are seriously damaged by termites. Termites live colonial life having millions of member. The termite attack must not be ignored.

About Termites

The termite lives in organized way in underground tunnels. Worker members are wingless, segmented body & creamy white. The number of worker members is high in comparison to others. Their work is to maintain the nest, care the offsprings and immature and carry food to the nest. The termite’s food is composed of cellulose product such as wooden material & papers. Queen termite is responsible to produce new offsprings. The soldier termites guard the colony & nets.


Termites feed on wooden and paper articles. They show habit of cellulose eating. It is not easy to find them before heavy damage. They not only damage to wooden works but also infect the things made up of cellulose.

How to Get Its Presence

Swarmer termite groups (male and female adults) discard their wings which can be sign of its presence. Damaged and rotten wood give sign of termite presence.

How to Control

  1. Premise should be clean.
  2. The things made of cellulose as wastes should be removed.
  3. Anti-Termite treatment should be taken in the premises before and after construction.
  4. Keep wooden material away from direct contact with soil.

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