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Spider Control

Generally spiders do not bite human beings. They attack only on their prey. They bite when they are pinched. Their bite gives pain like a bee sting. So it is essential for safety to avoid their attack.

The body of spider is divided in to three parts- head, thorax and abdomen.

The cardboard boxes papers and things lying in dark zone become abode for spiders.


  1. Brown widow spider
  2. Latrodectus tredecimguttatus, the malmignatte spider,or the karakurt spider
  3. Red katipo spider
  4. Black katipo spider
  5. American house spider
  6. Black widow spider
  7. Red widow spider

How to control

  1. Use of insecticide also helps in eliminating the spider.
  2. Get a pest control service to keep a check on the growth of these pests.
  3. Keep your surrounding clean.
  4. Keep your garden zone clean as spider find these suitable to make their web.

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