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Silver Fish Control

A silver fish is a type of insect measuring from ½ to 1 inch. Its body color seems like silver, so it is called silver fish. It feeds on materials made up of starch. These are made of glue, hair, photos, sugar, book binding, dandruff. They exit commonly in showers, bath sinks etc ,where they can find cellulose. In buildings, silverfish exists in sufficiently humid, crevice-rich environments. If such situations are removed, the silver fish will not be able to get existence.

Damages by Silverfish

Generally they become active at night. They feed on papers, paste, clothes. In critical conditions or adverse situation they can starve up to eight months. Their residing places can be avoided by removing moisture. Dusting is effective procedure to control.

How to Control

  1. Block all cracks, crevices, and damaged walls.
  2. Maintain the premise moisture free.
  3. Regularly clean your bathrooms & toilets. if possible spray insecticides.
  4. Regularly mop and dust the premise.
  5. Keep food article and other material containing starch in sealed packages.

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