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Rats Control

It is a scientific reason that Rats front teeth grow five inches per year. Their teeth grow continuously throughout their life. It is natural if they do not gnaw on things; their teeth will grow very long.

It is true that rats can cause great damage with their teeth and jaws .


Rats are troublesome and damaging rodents. They consume and contaminate food, damage structures and property, and transmit parasites and diseases to others. Rats live under different climatic conditions. They are found in homes and other buildings, farms and gardens, etc.

Their tunnels are built from paper or grass chewed into small pieces. Rats will climb if necessary to enter a building. Some species of rats are excellent swimmer. Mus musculus (house mouse), Rattus rattus (roof rat), Mus musculatus (mice) and bandicoots (Big Rats). are some common species of rats.

Young ones can squeeze beneath a door with only a two-three cm gap. To enlarge the gap. Wooden doors may be gnawed.

Working process

After identification of presence of rats in dwelling place, the best suited technique is adopted with minimum disruption.

Our company adopts frequent inspections and carries services to prevent rat population. It is essential to get maintenance contract.


It is a type of non chemical control. For this rat glue boards are used inside rooms to catch rats. We provide best services and products to help people solving the problem.

The followings are advantage of rat glue trap-

  1. it is safer than poisonous baits.
  2. It provides quick result confirming rat death.
  3. It is easy to dispose dead mice keeping away bad odor.

B- Baiting

Baiting is done under chemical control. It allures them causing slow death. Rodenticides are poisons to kill rats.

Baits are of two types-

  1. Anti coagulants with single dose.
  2. Anti coagulants with multi dose.

People should not buy rat poisons from general shops, street vendors or other uncertain sources. Rat control must be done by professionals or trained operators having skills of headlines toxic materials. Our company uses only those products that are certified by Control Insecticide Board, following the instructions written on the label.

We use multi dose anti coagulants at very low levels. It causes slow death for rats after consuming for several days.

Rat Control Outside

Burrow Fumigation-

First of all we search the rat burrows. These burrows are of many types having one mouth opening or two or three or many. We close all opening except one for fumigation activity.

Generally we use aluminum phosphide as a fumigant. After fumigation, we close the opening completely. The theory behind it is to cause lethal for rats. It is a good method for rats that live inside.

Torpedo Baiting-

It is an another method. For this a mixture is prepared containing zinc phosphide with crushed grains. This rodenticide (mixture) is kept within burrows. The rats living within burrows are enforced to eat it leading to death.

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