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Mosquito Control

We face many diseases like- malaria, yellow fever, dengue and chikanguniya etc. caused by mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes require human or animal blood for egg laying.

The fevers mentioned above are caused by anopheles, culex and aedes having four stages- egg, larva, pupa and adult. To become adult an egg takes 10-14 days, depending upon species and temperature.

For controlling mosquitoes an integrated process is applied. Due to various sources of breeding, it is very difficult to stop the reproduction of mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes Menace

It is very difficult to control the mosquito population due to wide spread outside. The mosquitoes are born in other areas and fly to another area. Control measures need the operation at community level.

Physical Measures

It would be better to eliminate the breeding places like- ditches, standing water, grassy land, lying dried leaves, wild grasses, weeds, gutters with dirty water etc.

Mosquitoes Control inside Home

It is good method to control mosquitoes inside home to seal and repairing doors, screens, windows etc. mesh wire obstruct the entry of mosquitoes. Within limited space they can be destroyed by spray.

Outdoor Mosquitoes Control-

Control of Larvae-

Standing water gives Shelter to mosquitoes. The water has to be treated by insecticides or oils. But this method is not fully useful to control mosquitoes menace.

How to Control

Fogging is a good method to control mosquitoes. Flies control is also achieved by this.

Thermal Fogger 

At the time of dusk fogging is done to kill the flying mosquitoes searching for food. They feed on blood of humans and animals. Thick pesticide is produced by a thermal fogger.

By the process of fogging, only flying mosquitoes can be controlled. They can be controlled for a limited period.

Cold Fogger

This is a such type of fogging in which insecticides are burnt to create a mist. It is a good method to kill any flying pests (mosquitoes or flies)

We should adopt an integrated system including- prevention, control and elimination of sources.

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