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Lizards Control

Lizards are a widespread group of reptiles having more than 5500 species found throughout the world. Lizards range in size from few centimeters long to three meter long.

Most lizards are quadru pedal running side to side motion. They have long raake like body. Lizards are mainly carnivorous, often being sit and wait predators. Many smaller species eat insects.

Reproduction and Life Cycle

Lizards show internal fertilization. Their copulation involves the male inserting hemi penis into the female cloacae. They are egg laying creatures, the female deposits her egg in crevices or ground. They move with the help of quadrate bone. Some species show bipedal movement. Most of the lizards have sharp vision, hearing and olfactory senses.

Lizards do not have external ears. They possess circular opening having tympanic membrane. They depend on hearing for warning of predators and seek shelter towards low sound. The olfactory system is well developed detecting pheromones. The tongue is a key organ only for gathering information. Some species photo sensory organ on the tip of the head working an rudimentary eyes. Their function is only to detect movement of predator images.


Most of the species show day time movement while some species show activeness at night. Males attract females defending other males.

Distribution & Habitat 

Lizards can be found throughout the world including Antarctica, islands, from sea level to 15000 feet height.

Mostly they prefer warmer climate. They can adapt to any climate. They live in rocks, walls, trees and underground etc.

They feed on insects like grasshoppers, beetles, cricket and flies etc.

Many lizards are capable of shedding their tails. The sheded tail writhes after detaching. It happens for the distraction of predator’s attention.

Lizards escape from danger by running towards safe place hiding in holes or cracks of the walls.

How to Control

  1. The removal of hiding place.
  2. The sealing of holes and crake in the walls.
  3. Controlling the insect growth in the houses.
  4. Consulting the pest control management.

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