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Flies Control

A common house fly is widely distributed in the world. It falls in the order-diptera having a pair of wings on the mesothorax.

The development of house fly from egg to adult takes time nearly seven days on temperature 27- 28 degree Celsius. females lay nearly 400 eggs in her reproductive period into rotting fruits or vegetables or food materials. Eggs measure about 0.5mm long. Hatching results into larva in nearly 4-5 days. After exclusion, molting takes place in 24 and 48 hours, feeding on rotten fruits and decomposed food materials. Next stage is puparium which is encapsulation of larvae taking four days for metamorphosis. After this stage adults emerge.

After emergence, nearly 24 hours takes for courting for reproduction. During courtship the male sings vibrating their wings with horizontally extension. Curling its abdomen attempts for copulation.

Generally the process of copulation takes 25-30 minutes transferring hundreds sperms through female ovipositor. Sperms are stored to fertilize eggs.

Health Problem from Flies

In general, most of the species of flies live in residing area of humans creating nuisance , causing threat to human and animal health. Flies act as carriers of pathogens causing dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid and food poisoning.

How to Prevent

  1. Garbage must not be open.
  2. Water pots for birds should be cleaned.
  3. Sanitation must be maintained.
  4. Food or fruits must not be left in open.
  5. We should take measures to stop growth of flies through pest control.

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