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Cricket Control

The body appearance of cricket is just like grasshopper related to family – tettigoniidae. The body is flattened with long antennae. Nearly eight hundred species of crickets are found. They jump with the help of hind legs.

They have nature of omnivores and scavengers, feeding on decaying materials, fungi and small plants. If there is no source of food materials, they can eat their own dead body parts.

Mating takes place in the last of summer, laying eggs in the fall. Hatching happens in spring season.

Cricket are eaten by lizards, salamanders, spiders and frogs. Crickets destroy the agricultural crops. They also damage fabric and grain stock. They carry pathogens causing skin problems. They also create problem in traffic system.

How to Prevent

We should use insecticides to control them. It can be done with the help of professionals. A pest control company can do it in a better way.

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