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Cockroach Control

Our company provides integrated pest management with the help of latest method of application. Cockroaches are mostly attracted by food, water and damp environment . A bacterium named salmonella is carried by cockroaches causing food poisoning. They show activeness mostly at night. They are responsible for spreading many diseases also.

Cockroaches are found throughout the world living in a wide range of environments. Cockroaches can tolerate extremely cold temperatures, allowing them to live in the snowy area. Some species are able to live in temperatures of 122 ° c.

Cockroaches illustrate a wide range of habitats. They live in leaf garbage, stems of matted vegetation, rotting wood, in stumpy hole, under bark, under log debris. Some species live in dry regions and have evolved mechanisms to survive without water body. Some aquatic species dwell near the surface of water sources. They dive to forage for food.

Cockroaches are social insects being gregarious .It is believed that some biochemical cause such behaviors. Pheromones produced by the cuticle may enable cockroaches to distinguish between different populations of cockroach by smell.

How to Prevent

  1. One should seal the holes and creaks in the house and furnitures.
  2. House environment must be clean.
  3. Food particles must be removed from ground to keep away them.

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