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Bedbug Control

Bedbugs belong to family- cimicidae . They are nocturnal insects, it means they are mostly active at night. They feed on human and other animals. They are reddish brown in color with flattened body. They are oval and wingless.

Threats by Bed Bugs

They are carriers of pathogens, such as plague & hepatitis B. They bite creating skin diseases.

They act as vectors.

They become active in the last of day time (dawn). However, they may bite at any time getting opportunity. They pierce skin of the host with the help of two tubes, one having anticoagulants and other one draws blood from host. The bite is felt after some minutes due to dermatological reactions.

How to Control

  1. Bed sheets or sofa cover should be changed in a regular way.
  2. Dusting should be done regularly in the premises.
  3. Insect proof mattresses should be used.
  4. One should consult pest control management for proper treatment.

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